Individual Play

Primer and Background to GTHLA Membership


The GTHLA is the South-Central Ontario (150 km radius of Toronto) Chapter of the Hockey Association of the Arts.
The Principles, core values and mission of the HAA can be read here.


It is our priority to encourage the ideals we were founded on of sportsmanship, fun, safety, collaboration, imagination, creative expression, community, social awareness, inclusion, equity, communication, responsibility, empathy, participation, understanding, being proactive and trust. Every team and player must promote them. We expect players and teams to take responsibility for their actions on the ice. We expect a common respect for everyone on the ice. We realize that on-ice confrontations always start from the actions of an opposing player. It is important to acknowledge that offenses are often accidental, but no matter what, retaliation is even more inexcusable and will often escalate the situation. A sincere apology after fouling someone is necessary.
Referees are present to supervise official games, and it is important to accept that they cannot see the entire surface of play and may not be able to witness every infraction. Players’ interaction should be no different in an official game then in a pick-up game without referees.
The team is the primary authority in maintaining discipline and promoting these ideals amongst its players. Specifically, we feel fighting, roughing, verbal abuse and harmful stick-work are not part of the game. We do not have any patience for it and it is not welcome. It is the team’s responsibility to filter out all of these unacceptable elements by not allowing certain players to play and preventing any on-ice confrontations.
If there are any issues with missed infractions or consistent unsportsmanlike behaviour from specific opposing players, it must be indicated to your own captain, who can then discuss it further with the referees and/or opposing captains during the game. After the game, the team can discuss issues with league officials and opposing team captains and managers to increase understanding within the framework of the league’s values and mission. Finally, every team must demand discipline from their own players before they expect more from others.
You can read all the GTHLA rules here. Our rules include some of the following stipulations:

1. There is no intentional body contact permitted.

2. Half or full visors or cages are mandatory

For Games…

1. We play without the centre red line. Automatic Icing is called from behind the blue line.

2. If a team is short-handed on the ice due to a penalty, they can only substitute when the puck is in play or the clock is stopped.

3. Players are only permitted to receive up to 4 minutes in penalties in a game (10 minute misconducts are equivalent to a 2 minute penalty for the purpose of this rule). If they receive more, they are ejected from the game and will be reviewed to assess whether more discipline is warranted. If a player is ejected for too many minor penalties, the opposing team will be rewarded a penalty shot instead of the team with the infraction having a player serve the 2 minute penalty in the penalty box.

4. If a team gets more than 30 minutes of penalties in one game, the team is suspended indefinitely from any GTHLA play. If the opposing team in that game has less than half the team penalties of the team with more than 30 minutes of penalties, the opposing team will only have a 1/3 of their team penalty minutes from that game count toward their qualification requirements.

To join, you have to agree to all the “GTHLA Membership Expectations” written out here.


How to Become a Member of the GTHLA as an Individual


The Individual Player Membership fee is $27 (HST included) .

With membership, members have access to the following…

1)      You can participate in our perpetual League intermingle series. With our league intermingles, we draft players from our membership who signed up and create new teams. The teams then participate in a round robin series of games over the course of a few months.

2)      You can participate with the Wanderers hockey team. The Wanderers are a league sponsored team who play exhibition games within the regular GTHLA schedule and travel to play exhibition games and tournaments abroad.

3)      You will receive invitations to our regular “Open pick-up games”.

4)      You will be put on our Subs list database. Let us know the position(s) you want to play and email address and/or phone number you want to be contacted at by teams looking for substitutes.

5)      We can refer you to hockey clinics throughout the season for anyone who wants to improve their hockey skills.

6)      You are encouraged to help out with our GTHLAKids program and other volunteering needed to successfully run the league.

7)      Social Events

8)      Website

9)      A network of like minded hockey and Arts enthusiasts.

10)   Collective philanthropy efforts and building further social awareness


Please submit the GTHLA Individual Membership Agreement form found here.  Payment details are here.


Once we have received your completed GTHLA Individual Membership Agreement form and payment of $27, you will be a member.


We reserve the right to revoke any membership privileges without refund if any player violates the league’s principles and mandate for fun safe community hockey.