Membership Details

This includes:

  • Membership in the HAA, including eligibility to apply for the Hockey Summit of the Arts and extended access to the HAA network tournaments and travel exhibition games
  • Players can participate in all league Intermingles.
  • Players may participate with the league sponsored team – the Wanderers
  • League sponsored First Aid Clinic
  • Social Events
  • Website
  • A network of like minded hockey and Arts enthusiasts
  • Collective philanthropy efforts and building further social awareness
  • Players on member teams have their Individual Membership dues covered by the team membership dues.


  • One team member at each General Meeting


  • Committee meetings
  • Regular league Open pick-up games. (Team fees do not subsidize these games)
  • Teams are encouraged to host a social event for the entire league at anytime during the season. It is also encouraged that the team collaborates to present a collective artistic presentation or performance for the benefit of the membership.


  • Per game cost for teams purchasing single games:    $335
  • Per game cost for full time teams purchasing additional single games:    $335

All team members are subject to losing membership privileges and membership if they grossly violate rules and/or the spirit of the GTHLA.

How to Participate in the Hockey Summit of the Arts

The Hockey Summit of the Arts is the annual tournament and festival for the membership of the HAA. To be eligible to participate in the event, hockey teams within a 150 km radius of Toronto must be members of the Good Times Hockey League of the Arts.

Teams that are outside of a 150 km radius of Toronto, but are within 150 km radius of Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Peterborough, Guelph, St. Catharines, London, Sudbury, Edmonton or Vancouver must play at least 1 exhibition game with a HAA team from the city or cities they’re close to before they apply .